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Naziv Poslodavca / Obavijesti DASH CITY d.o.o.
Foto Objava
Radno Mjesto Electric scooter company. 1. System inspection & some light vehicle rebalancing AND/OR 2. light mechanical work/ 6 to 12 (2-4 in 3 different locations)
Opis Posla 1. Station and scooter inspection and scooter rebalancing between stations; 2. Technical service and maintenance of the scooters. Scooter rebalancing and service can be (but does not have to be) done by 1 person.
Mjesto Rada Crikvenica/Selce/Dramalj, Šibenik, Biograd na Moru
Putni Trosak ne
Period Rada July 2020 until at least mid-October, possibly longer.
Datum Pocetka 01.07.2020
Radno Vrijeme Flexible, hourly. Between 9-11 am & 19-23 for system inspection/scooter rebalancing & 12-15 for maintenance/repairs.
Cijena Red Sata Up to 40 kn per hour gross + full training + fun j
Rad Nedjeljom /
Rad Blagdanom /
Rad Nocni /
Trazene Kompetencije For rebalancing job mostly enthusiasm and ability to stick to schedule; for the service and maintenance role some basic technical skills (Can you use a screw driver? Can you change a bicycle tyre? Can you fix a broken electrical socket at home?) - Valid, clean driving license (cat. B) required - Communicative English required
Nacin Prijave victor.grotowski@dash.city
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